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Brand Q&A – Endless Jewelry

Charm bracelet and composable jewellery brand, Endless Jewelry, has enjoyed a rapid path to success, recording sales of $30m in its first year of trading. Jewellery Focus sat down with founder Jesper Nielsen to find out about the brand’s recent launch into Asia and what the future holds

What have been some of the main reasons behind your rapid growth?

Endless Jewelry is all about the retailer. We have invested heavily in our product, design and the marketing toolbox. Our philosophy is all about supporting the retailer, but first of all we’re creating a fashion jewellery brand and product that is both contemporary and classic. It’s a high quality, beautifully designed product at affordable prices. To become a global brand, you have to have the product in place, you have to have your marketing in place, and you have to focus on your distribution. Due to the extraordinary demand, we’ve had some challenges with the latter, but it will always be like this, when you grow at a pace like we’ve done. We’re investing heavily in the product, consumer awareness and the supply chain, and in the end this is a major part of the answer to your question.

You recorded sales of $30m in your first year, how is this year going so far in comparison?

We were very satisfied with how our first year went, but we have no doubt that our second year will be even better.

What is your retail footprint in the UK?

It’s not up to us to evaluate how we’re doing, but based upon sales, number of partners and the general awareness, we’re constantly moving in the right direction. I expect we will take some major steps in the near future.

How does this compare to your footprint in Europe and around the world?

We are in 24 markets. In some markets we’re brand new, and in others we’ve been established for 20 months. We are still a very young brand, but if you look at the Hot List in US, which is based upon the retailers’ re-orders of the biggest brands, we are number two in our largest market. This is a major achievement, and something we’re extremely proud of, but we are young and have a massive potential which we’re working hard to realise.

You have announced plans to double the company’s manufacturing capacity, is demand stronger than ever?

Yes, we had an amazing first year and demand is only getting stronger and stronger.

How will the increased capacity benefit Endless?

First of all it will benefit our partners and retailers. This, alongside a renewed focus on the supply chain, will benefit everybody involved with Endless.

Who do you regard as your main competition?

This is hard to say, as I think there is room for two or three new brands in the segment of affordable fashion jewellery. We’re not the first and we are not alone, but really, I see it only as a benefit that we have more companies out there working in this segment. It means that there is a genuine belief in the product and segment, and it increases awareness and thereby total sales. In the future, I think we will see a number of clothing and fashion brands entering the segment as well.

You have expanded your offering with a debut necklace collection, has this been a success?

It was received extremely well when we presented it at the launch during JCK in Las Vegas. We’re officially launching the necklace collection in early August, and I expect it to be a very nice addition to our existing range of bracelets.

Can we expect to see further new additions outside of your popular leather bracelets?

Yes. We will expand and continue to develop the brand and the product line.

Your brand ambassador is Jennifer Lopez, how important has this been for the brand’s image?

You can ask anybody in any country around the world, if they know Jennifer Lopez – they will all say yes. With more than 100 million followers on social media and a constant positive presence in the media, she is very important as a brand ambassador. But even more as the designer of her own jewellery line with Endless Jewelry. She loves working with the designs, she wears her own Endless designs on American Idol and elsewhere, and she is so much more than just a marketing face. We have only seen the beginning of our collaboration with Jennifer Lopez.

You signed 40 new accounts in IJL last year, are you looking to beat that number this September?

Of course. But first of all, we’re looking to increase consumer awareness, sales and the support of our partners.

You recently launched into Asia, how is that going?

I am completely blown away by the sales numbers our Taiwan branch is reporting, it’s massive. Over the first month, they have sold for more than USD $100,000 in a completely new market to customers who did not know us. I am always very optimistic, but the Asian opening has beaten my expectations by miles.

Do you have any further new launches down the line?

We’re focusing on establishing ourselves in our present markets, but we will open a couple of major markets this autumn. Russia and France will definitely be a part of the Endless world at some point in the near future.

You have also recently opened your first own-brand store, what does this add to the brand?

Opening our own branded stores is mainly about adding marketing value. We are very young and it is a bit early to open mono-store brands, but it’s an investment – and in Taiwan it’s also a very good business already.

Can we expect to see more of these stores?

We will see more in our new markets. In the established markets, like UK, I expect a limited number of monobrand stores within the next 12-18 months. Some retailers are working with the idea already, though.

Where do you see Endless in three years time?  

Much closer to our ambition to be a super brand with a range of products in the Endless Collection – and also in the Jennifer Lopez Collection.

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