Turquoise Mountain launches Afghan jewellery collection

Turquoise Mountain has announced the launch of a new heritage-inspired Afghan jewellery collection.

It is available to view by appointment only between 6 October and 8 October, at the shop of collaborator Vicki Sarge. 

Each piece is designed with the brand’s supported jewellers in Kabul, and is handcrafted in gold vermeil, gold plated brass or “vibrant” lapis lazuli. 

The collection reportedly draws its inspiration from the “rich history and culture of Afghanistan”, as well as the “iconic” architectural design of the Gardens of Babur, as well as the geometric patterns of Afghan art. 

The brand is supporting craftspeople across Afghanistan, connecting jewellers such as Saeeda Etebari with international buyers and “sharing the beauty of Afghan design with the world”. 

Etebari said: “Designing a piece that somebody will buy and wear is a special experience for me. I love making a connection with someone through a shared sense of beauty.”

Turquoise Mountain was founded in 2006 by HRH The Prince of Wales to revive historic areas and traditional crafts, as well as to “provide jobs, skills and a renewed sense of pride”.  

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