Monday, 16 October, 2017
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3 sure-fire strategies for UK jewellers in uncertain times


Three big news topics that concern the UK jewellery industry have recently been debated in both mainstream and industry media: Brexit, a shifting economy and the challenge of marketing luxury goods to millennials. As a consequence, many UK jewellers feel that they now have to make strategic business decisions in …

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How jewellery can tap into the zeitgeist

It’s no secret that consumer technology pervades almost everything we do nowadays, but a perhaps under-reported but clearly associated phenomenon is the impact it is having on design and creativity.

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Watch out for those toxins

Rules can seem boring but rarely do they exist for no reason. In recent weeks, a study found some low cost necklace jewellery had excessive levels of lead, cadmium or nickel release.

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Something in the water

I’ve been at this magazine for three years, and, if I am being honest, after joining I quickly became accustomed to a downbeat atmosphere at the major trade shows in the industry.

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