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GVUK releases upgraded CAD program

Software distributor GVUK has released its newest upgrade of its CAD program, Matrix 9 by Gemvision.

The firm says the software, which was first released over 16 years ago, is “packed with new time-saving features”.

The Matrix 9 incorporates features such as wrapping patterns on a surface and organic modelling with Clayoo to help jewellery designers innovate.

Graham Dicks, design director of GVUK, said: “Our existing Matrix users have been waiting for this important upgrade and although we rarely know the full extent of what’s in the box until we open it, these new features will save so much time and help in designing better models.

“There are rumours of more features yet to be added to M9 and one I look forward to is the upgrade to VRay. You will find the Matrix 9 upgrade form on our GVUK web site and those on older copies will enjoy huge savings until the end of June.”

GVUK will run conversion classes on their website’s online academy to help users transition to the new features.

The upgraded software is the same price as the Matrix 8 which came before it and is available for purchase on the GVUK site.

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