NAJ welcomes new chair

The NAJ has confirmed the appointment of its new chair, with Gary Wroe, managing director of Hockley Mint assuming the role following its 2020 AGM. 

Stepping down as chair, Harriet Kelsall will now move to the deputy chair position, while Wroe will serve a one-year term up until June 2021. 

Wroe said: “Over the last two years, Harriet has led NAJ from the front, ensuring that the vision for the future has been followed. 

“Both I and the National Committee cannot thank Harriet enough for her efforts and for me it is reassuring to know that I have Harriet as deputy chair.”

He added: “All NAJ members deserve an affordable – constantly improving – experience and our volunteer, staff and supporting resources will be working hard on delivering that throughout the Essential Strategy.

“It’s vital we continue to seek and implement relevant and useful benefits, products and services. We have to deliver our services on time and to budget and the focus will be to ensure we have the right resources in the right places at the right time.”

Kelsall said: “Thank you to all of our amazing and hardworking volunteers on the National Committee who have served the membership so well and also supported me in my position for the two years of my term as the chair of the NAJ.  

“It is such a privilege to sit at a table with all of these highly respected business leaders who put their hearts and souls into this organisation in order to help the industry.”

She added: “Under Gary’s stewardship, I know the NAJ will prosper with his experience and approach to excellence.  Thank you so much Gary for everything – and for your endless support and for agreeing to take on the chair.”

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