Lucapa recovers seven diamonds and 72 chromites in Australia

Lucapa has announced that seven diamonds and 72 chromites were recovered from a recent loam and stream sampling at the Brooking diamond province in West Kimberley, Australia.

The diamond company had previously announced that alongside its partners, it had already identified diamondiferous lamproite at Brooking, where over 1,200 micro and macro diamonds have been recovered.

The Micro- and macro-diamonds recovered from Lucapa’s drilling programs at Brooking’s Little Spring Creek are reportedly two of the deepest-sourced volcanic rocks that occur at the Earth’s surface.

The target areas are supposedly “proximal” to where stream sampling also recovered diamonds and chromites.

In addition, it said there is a “strong likelihood” that lamproite pipes could be present at each of these target areas, which will be confirmed in the next exploration.

Lucapa said that the next phase of exploration will “seek to confirm” whether lamproite pipes could be present at each of the target areas.

Diamonds and chromites were also recovered from two other sample areas in the region, whilst further exploratory work is reportedly being planned to “better define potential targets” within the areas.

Stephen Wetherall, managing director for Lucapa, said: “These positive results from the latest work carried out together with the previous exceptional micro and macro diamond recoveries at Brooking highlight the potential for the discovery of additional diamondiferous lamproites and reinforce our stated objective of positioning the company for continued growth in the global diamond industry.”

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