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US high schools to run jewellery sales courses

The Diamond Council of America’s Beginning and Advanced Jewelry Sales courses have been approved by the Louisiana Department of Education for use in the state’s high schools.

The move means Louisiana students will be able to choose jewellery sales as a formal study area and gain knowledge and skills for jewellery retail.

“We’re thrilled to have our courses offered in Louisiana,” said DCA president and CEO Terry Chandler. “This is a major development for DCA as well as the schools and students that will be participating.”

DCA will provide the courses through its Jewelry Career Readiness Initiative. Launched in 2014, the program is designed to equip US high school students with education needed for employment in jewellery retailing, and to help prepare the next generation of professionals for the jewellery industry.

JCRI director Suzan Alexander Weir said: “Since JCRI’s inception, we’ve worked closely with educators at many levels, in a growing number of states and locations. A critical objective is to have DCA courses added to the career and technical education choices schools may offer their students.”

Students in Louisiana can pursue two types of high school diplomas: College and Career Diplomas or Career Diplomas. The classes that incorporate DCA’s jewellery sales courses fit within the career option and are part of the Hospitality, Tourism, Culinary, and Retail Graduation Pathway.

John White, superintendent of the Louisiana Department of Education, said: “Every high school student in Louisiana should graduate college-and-career-ready, with real world experience and industry certifications for the careers they intend to pursue.

“The Diamond Council of America’s Jewelry Sales Certification is one of over 100…certifications that enable Louisiana students to graduate high school with industry-valued certifications in their chosen career field.”

In Louisiana JCRI is approved at a state-wide level. Georgia, New Jersey, and Texas also have individual schools or districts that are participating in the program.

Weir extended thanks to Robert Ramsey [Ramsey’s Diamond Jewelers, Metairie, LA], David Bouffard [Signet Jewelers], and Matthew Brown [Signet Jewelers, Zale Division] for “writing letters to LDOE in support of DCA and our JCRI effort”.

Once a district or school is licensed, it may enroll as many students as it wishes.

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