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Veritas Gifts brings out new bespoke cufflinks

Veritas Gifts has added to its jewellery offerings with new bespoke cufflinks for men.

With pieces suitable for casual and formal affairs, the gift brand has attempted to market the cufflink as a “functional and fashionable” accessory that can suit all occasions.

Veritas Gifts created ‘A Man’s Guide to Cufflinks’ to accompany the new releases. Separating the accessories into ‘formal’, ‘casual’ and ‘unusual’ categories, the brand provides suggestions on how to incorporate cufflinks into everyday wear.

The guide suggests wearers “match [their] cuffs to the suit color” for formal occasions or to go for oval, rectangular and colourful or patterned statement styles for ‘casual’ and ‘unusual’ wear.

The new cufflinks are available on the Veritas Gifts website and are priced between £59 to £65.

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