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Daisy London expands Good Karma range

Daisy London has expanded its Good Karma jewellery collection with the newly launched Good Karma single studs and sparkle rings.

The range of the Good Karma single studs features some of the brand’s already established stud earrings to buy as singles, giving customers the option to mix and match them when worn.

Continuing on its summer release, Daisy London has also unveiled the Good Karma sparkle rings, featuring the brand’s 12 most popular designs including their ‘Elephant’, ‘Wishbone’ and ‘Hand of Fatima’ symbols.

All of the rings are made with cubic zirconia accents.

The pieces come in two-tone designs and in a variety of metals, playing on the layering trend and allowing for multiple pieces to be worn together.

The extended collection is currently available on the Daisy London website.

Good Karma

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