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The WatchApp updates site and social media to match new demand

Redblok’s cloud-based platform for luxury watch retailers, pawnbrokers and traders, The WatchApp, has launched an improved website alongside new social media channels to enhance customer experience and reach.

The peer-to-peer marketplace, specifically designed for B2B sales in the luxury watch sector, has reacted to initial subscriber feedback by adding a number of new features to the app, including further product information, a streamlined sign-up process and improved mobile and tablet responsiveness.

With this update, the WatchApp also becomes a standalone service with its own website, sign-up process, and social media channels – further separating it from parent company Redblok.

Daren Daniels, managing director, said: “Due to feedback from our customers we’ve added a number of new features and improved the performance of the app on mobile and tablet. We’ve specifically developed our roadmap to be flexible to customer needs and thus have reacted to initial feedback to take our first steps of development.”


He added: “We’ve had extremely positive and constructive feedback since our launch seven weeks and we are starting to see how the WatchApp has a life of its own. Thus we wanted to start using social media to further the reach of the app, bringing in more customers, increasing the watch ranges and adding to the number of buyers on the platform. We’ve also done this partly to separate this from our work with Redblok so potential customers can engage directly with the WatchApp brand.”

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