Edge of Ember to exclusively use lab-grown diamonds 

Edge of Ember has announced it is “exclusively” using lab-grown diamonds in its collections going forward.

It comes as the group said that working with diamonds that came with the “negative environmental impact of mining and harrowing stories of labour just didn’t quite cut it”. 

The brand is now taking a “sustainable” approach to all its creations, through the use of lab-grown diamonds that are “physically, chemically and aesthetically identical to mined diamonds”.

The diamonds are made when a ‘diamond seed’ is placed under high pressure and high heat in a controlled environment and left to grow for 70 to 120 days. 

Following this, a rough diamond is formed, which is then ready to be cut and polished, using the same process that would be used with mined diamond.

Lab-grown diamonds are also graded the same way as mined diamonds, using the four C’s, cut, colour, clarity and carat. The diamonds used by Edge of Ember are VVS1/2.

The designer has now launched a 13-piece collection that features 100% recycled gold as well as lab-grown diamonds. Each piece in the collection, which features diamond necklaces, bracelets and rings, is under £350. 

The collection launches on 8 September. 

A spokesperson told Jewellery Focus: “As a brand born on the foundations of ethical production, we wanted to approach designing with diamonds in a fresh and sustainable way, without the negative environmental impact of mining and harrowing stories of labour. 

“We have chosen to exclusively use lab-grown diamonds created above the ground from real diamond seeds, under conditions that emulate exactly what happens beneath the earth’s surface.” 

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