Maya Gemstones launches engagement ring collection

Maya Gemstones has announced the launch of a “unique” engagement ring collection, following a rise in bespoke sales of engagement rings during the pandemic.

The new ‘Perfect Ring’ collection features options in brushed 18ct white, yellow and rose gold, with Maya Cut stones, including diamond, pink tourmaline and sky-blue topaz. 

According to the group, while bespoke requests have recently included black gold with black diamond, and yellow gold with fire opal, these options are yet to be added to the line. 

The collection has been launched to cater for upcoming Christmas demand, according to the group, as research shows that 40% of proposals take place Christmas and Valentine’s Day each year. 

It also comes as Maya Gemstones reported a 23% increase in engagement ring sales in June. According to the brand, these sales were from both its existing engagement ring line and bespoke requests. 

It added that research has shown that consumers are investing in higher quality, higher priced, more bespoke pieces that are “unique, creatively designed and show off the personality of the recipient”.   

The ‘Maya Cut’ features in all engagement rings from Maya Gemstones, and throughout the majority of its other collections.

It comes after founder Olga Pekarevskaia worked alongside ateliers to create a “unique” triangular cut of stone, with more luminosity and depth than some of the more traditional cuts like Solitaire. 

While triangular-shaped rough diamonds can occur in nature, they only equate to 5% of the global market and only 2% are of good quality, while the majority lack brilliance.

The globally patented Maya Cut has been created with 28-facets and an architectural, minimalistic design, using a high quality 2% of Macles. In addition, each stone is “carefully chosen”. 

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