Ghandi’s pocket watch sells for £12k at auction

A silver plated Swiss pocket watch, once owned by Mahatma Gandhi, has sold for £12,000 at East Bristol Auctions last Friday (20 November).

The “worn and broken” timepiece, originally estimated to sell for up to £10,000, follows a sale of a pair of glasses, also believed to have been Ghandi’s, which sold for £120,000 at the same auction house in August.

East Bristol Auctions’ Andrew Stowe confirmed the buyer was a private collector based in the United States.

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Speaking to the BBC, Stowe said: “After our incredible sale of Gandhi’s Glasses back in August, we were inundated with requests for items relating to him.

“Many of those items were coins, photographs or pictures, but then this one came through and we just thought ‘wow’.”

He added: “It’s an incredible piece of history and the fact it is so worn and broken adds to its charm.

“To think this was used by Gandhi for many years, and then passed over to a trusted friend who then also treasured it, is just wonderful.”

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