Retail Trust appoints new chairman

From September, the role will be filled by John Lovering, who has chaired Homebase, Debenhams, Peacocks and Somerfield throughout the last decade.

He replaces Dudley Cloake, who has been chairman of Retail Trust since February 2009 and is credited with steering it in to a “strong financial position,” as a statement from the charity explained.

Mr Lovering said: “I am pleased to help Retail Trust deliver its mission to offer financial and advisory help to those in the industry who are in need. I am particularly keen to find ways we can support on-going education for young people who have chosen retailing as a career.

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Nigel Rothband, CEO of Retail Trust, added: “John has served as chairman for some of our biggest retail supporters and we are absolutely delighted that he is joining our Board in September.”

Mr Lovering has previously served as the charity’s president of appeal.

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