‘Spirit’ ring launch at Treasure 2012

 Vicky made her first pieces over 30 years ago and has gained a reputation for her highly unique and inspired work. She combines the inherent qualities of the materials with innovative techniques to produce precious but wearable pieces.

 Vicky said: “Jewellery is magic! When worn it becomes a powerful entity that can instantly transform your mood and energy levels. The notion of preciousness goes beyond material; it describes the relationship we have with our Jewellery. Jewellery only becomes precious when we choose to engage with it and for me it’s about its history intertwined with your own story. It’s such a personal experience! I love that it has the ability to transform the wearer and in my jewellery designs I like to exploit this element of play.”

 Her latest pieces for her ‘Precious’ collection have been inspired by the dance of Venus with the Sun embodying the solar feminine energy.

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