UKTI increases funding to encourage export

For shows after the 1August 2013, grants in European countries will be set at £1,500 (an increase of £500); grants for long haul locations, such as the US, will be offered at £2,000 (an increase of £600); and exhibitions within high growth markets, such as Hong Kong, will be set at £2,500 (an increase of £1,100). In addition to these increases, first time exhibitors at an event in a high growth market will receive £3,000 (an increase of £1,600) towards their exhibiting costs.

Each eligible exhibitor will be entitled to claim 12 grants in a lifetime, counted from 1 April 2009. Of this allocation, six are to be used in established markets such as Europe and America, and the remaining six can be used in high growth markets such as Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia.

Not only have the grant amounts been increased, there has also been an increase in the shows that will be supported for the 2013/2014 calendar, such as Tendence and Jewellery Arabia. 

For more information on funding or tradeshows please contact Rebecca Gough on or 0121 237 1119.

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