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Editor’s Blog

July, 2014

June, 2014

  • 24 June

    British jewellery needs plenty more of the Beaverbrooks attitude

    So often when you attend a talk or seminar at the trade shows, or even at after-dinner speeches, there is mention of how the industry needs to pull together, support new talent, and revitalise itself from within. 

  • 10 June

    Mondaine has found a very British marketing device in John Lewis

    The best marketing is that which doesn’t force the message down your throat. Better still, it should say something other than ‘buy our product’. Consumers are good at identifying marketing techniques so it is the job of the agencies to come up with something that offers more than the product itself.

  • 3 June

    It’s only fair that card fees are knocked on the head

    The news that we’re using less physical cash in the UK than at any other time in history means there has been a consumer behaviour revolution. The public has, on a wholesale basis, abandoned of cash in favour of the trusty chip ‘n’ pin. But somehow, the flexibility doesn’t seem …

May, 2014

April, 2014

  • 29 April

    Another trade show on the continent? Sounds good to me…

    There’s no arguing with the notion that a busy trade show means its appertaining sector is buoyant. That’s why the inaugural Jewellery & Gem Fair Europe, organised by UBM Asia, spells good news for the industry as a whole.

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