Swiss investigate disappearance of $50m pink diamond

An investigation has been launched into the disappearance of a $50m (£30m) pink diamond from a storage unit in Geneva.Storage firm Malca-Amit had been holding the 50.66 carat diamond for South African diamond trader Sylla Moussa, but he reported it missing in September 2013.

Police searched the premises of the company last month and reports say that three of the administrators for the firm have been placed under investigation following its disappearance.

The diamond had been in the company’s custody since 2007, as Moussa wanted to achieve the best possible sale price for the stone. But he says it wasn’t until August when he went to retrieve it that he realised it was missing.

Malca-Amit says Moussa’s claims that it has gone missing are false, and that the diamond was in fact transferred as a debt payment to South African businessman, Moti Abbas, who then placed the diamond under his own name at Malca-Amit.

Investigations are still underway.

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