IJL KickStarter, Kristjan Eyjolfsson wins People’s Choice award

IJL KickStarter, Kristjan Eyjolfsson, has been unanimously voted by the industry as the winner of the KickStart ‘People’s Choice’ award.

Eyjolfsson’s fine jewellery is inspired by the energy of his London surroundings along with his Nordic heritage, crafted using sustainably-sourced gold, silver, platinum and precious gems. His work is often characterised by its bold design and its ecological statement.

He was selected to receive the People’s Choice award by members of the industry who voting using both social media and a poll on the IJL website.

Eyjolfsson, said: “I am so thrilled to have won the competition and very grateful for all the support from the various people who voted for me across the different platforms. Having so many avenues made it both challenging and exciting.

“Winning this competition is not only significant to me as a designer and craftsmen, but it reinforces the message that ethics and sustainability are important factors in the world of jewellery today – something I am very passionate about promoting to a larger audience.”

To achieve success, Eyjolfsson creatively used a combination of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – focusing throughout his campaign on sharing his vision for the brand.

Run by IJL, and supported by the British Jewellers’ Association, the KickStart scheme aims to help retailers and buyers to discover the new talent for the future.

Sam Willoughby, event director, said: “Once again the competition has been fierce amongst this year’s impressive KickStart line-up. It’s been great too, to see such an enthusiastic response from the industry in support of these stunning new British designers. Kristjan was the clear winner.”

As the winner, Eyjolfsson will receive a free stand in the IJL Design Gallery in 2015.

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