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Gerard Butler signs with Festina

Watch brand Festina has announced it has signed Scottish actor Gerard Butler as its new brand ambassador.

The Hollywood actor will be part of the brand’s new campaign, ‘Time to Live’, which will follow the actor during 24 hours in his life and will launch at Baselworld.

Miguel Rodríguez, group owner at Festina, said: “It was a great honor to be able to count with Gerard Butler in our campaign. His profile fits perfectly with our brand. To work with him was really easy, apart from being really professional he is also a great person.”


Butler added: “[Participating in this campaign] has been a great experience, recording in Hollywood, Los Angeles, with the amazing Festina staff has been quite rewarding. It allowed me also to get a bit closer to the watchmaking world, which [I’m] passionate [about].”

Festina said after 25 years sponsoring the Tour de France, which recently signed a new sponsorship deal with Tissot, it is hoping to position itself in the lifestyle market with its new campaign.

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