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Katy Tromans unveils Alice in Wonderland inspired collection

Katy Tromans has unveiled her jewellery collection Alice, which has been inspired by the Alice in Wonderland story.

Alice, draws on inspiration from both the book and the recent film ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’.

The Weston Beamer 3D technician and CAD designer believes the collection “captures her audience’s attention” and allows “her customers to wear the best chapters of their life.”

The pieces feature an enamelled case, each with a secret message enclosed that can only be revealed to the wearer of pendant. The pendant is also a key, and Alice’s feet slot into the cobbled pathway and as the figure moves in a circular motion to reveal the message.

Tromans said: “I am fanatical about creating small details on the pieces I create. I asked myself what my product had to have that others didn’t and what I would like to get from the product. I wanted a multifunctional piece, so it had a purpose when not being worn.

“My new collections are slightly different from my previous pieces as I wanted to focus more on small scale miniature works that don’t necessarily house a ring, maybe pendants instead.”

She added: “My products are very interactive, meaning you can wear the jewellery and visually appreciate it as an ornament/small sculpture when you’re not wearing it.

“When the rings are a part of their full sculpture, you can interact with the pieces to reveal hidden compartments, quotations and even other pieces of jewellery.

“I like to create from a story of my childhood, a memory or a past experience.”

The jeweller will also be exhibiting her collection at the Birmingham City University’s One Year On alumni show.

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