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WDC and RJC announce cross-membership partnership

The cooperation will focus on responsible sourcing in the jewellery supply chain, and increased sustainability in the wider industry

The World Diamond Council (WDC) and Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) have announced a cross-membership partnership.

The organisational cooperation is intended to increase knowledge sharing, pilot new initiatives, and extend the positive impact of both parties on communities involved in jewellery production.

As part of the deal, an RJC official will join the WDC’s Kimberley Process Task Force (KPTF) to discuss the expansion of the definition of conflict diamonds and principles for responsible diamond sourcing.

Elodie Daguzan, executive director at the WDC, said that cooperation is “critical” to increasing industry knowledge on “responsible sourcing, driving action, and having a positive impact” on those within the diamond supply chain.

She added: “Through this partnership we can do more to increase understanding of the KPCS and present a united industry front dedicated to broadening its scope through the expansion of the definition of conflict diamonds. 

“Cooperation will also fast-track the adoption of WDC’s revised system of warranties, creating a standard industry baseline for KPCS-compliance and commitment to fundamental human and labour rights, and anti-money laundering and anti-corruption principles.” 

Moreover, a WDC official will join the RJC sustainable development goals (SDG) task force, which is committed to achieving increased sustainability within the sector.

Iris Van der Veken, executive director at the RJC, said: “We need to stay focused and increase our efforts during the decade of action to achieve a jewellery supply chain that is responsible and conscious of its impact on people and the planet.”

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