Versus Versace launches ‘Millennial focused’ timepieces

The items will be available at, and from June 2018, priced £140 - £210

Fashion brand Versus Versace has launched its new summer watch collection, Buffle Bay, aimed at Millennial customers.

The watches feature a 3D lion’s head, positioned on the right side of the timepiece in the 3 o’clock position, and is available in four colours: light blue, white, deep red or dark blue. The items will be available in either gold, rose gold, leather or steel straps.

Duncan Harris, sales and marketing director at Timex UK, said: “The new Buffle Bay from Versus is aimed at the millennial customer who wants a timepiece that embodies the diffusion essence of Versus Versace – bold styles and affordable trend led fashion.”

He added: “The Buffle Bay runway SKU sets the brand apart by taking the unmistakably Versus Versace lion head and creating a relief-inspired accent on the bezel. We’re excited to see the sell through with some of the key customers carrying the collection already as early indicators are that this collection will be a bestseller.”


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