Domino signet ring sales ‘surpass expectations’

Domino Jewellery has seen an increase in demand for its extended signet ring range, released as part of the Wedding Ring collection in January.

The Birmingham manufacturer said it made a “conscious decision” to increase the number of signet rings available, driven by “acknowledged increased consumer demand” from both men and women.

Sales director Andrew Sollitt said they have been “pleasantly surprised with the appetite from retailers for the new signet ring range”.

Sollitt added: “Signet rings have always been a popular, classic, piece of jewellery but we have seen an increase in consumer interest as the trend has grown over recent years. It’s particularly encouraging to see retailers and consumers embrace both a variety of styles, as well as appetite from both male and female consumers.

“We have seen an uplift of more than 40% in the first two months since launching our new, improved range. Another area that has been very positively received by our retailers is our engraving service; with a choice of laser, hand and seal engraving available to further personalise our pieces.”

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