Guardian Brands appointed as new distributor for Engelsrufer

Guardian Brands has been appointed as the new distributor for the Engelsrufer brand in the United Kingdom.

Engelsrufer said it believes that the brand has “yet to achieve its full potential in the UK market”, which is why it has selected a distributor which is solely focused on marketing and distributing the Engelsrufer brand.

The team at Guardian Brands and its partner, Goodman Bros, bring over 25 years of retail and distribution experiences in the luxury brand industry – (fragrance, watches, jewellery and jewellery accessoires).

Stewart Arvan, owner and founder of Guardian Brands, has over 30 years of experience in the watch and jewellery industry and also has in-depth knowledge of both, the retail and distribution aspects.

He understands the challenges of retailing and believes in working closely with his customers and building strong relationships which are mutually beneficial. He lives the company’s philosophy of “meeting face to face is the key to brand success”.

Greg Blanchfield has over 25 years experiences of building luxury brand distribution businesses. He understands the importance of ongoing strategic and operational support and has the skills to continuously improve systems to enhance service delivery.

Goodman Bros are distributors of Connoisseurs Jewellery Cleaner. They are also distributors of Lox and Inverness. They bring many years of experience in building an incredibly successful company focussed on customer relations.

A statement by Engelsrufer read: “We believe that Stewart and the team at Guardian Brands have the necessary expertise to hone the Engelsrufer offering to specifically suit the tastes of the UK market.

“Guardian Brands will have our full support to enable them to render a service which will allow you to fully maximise the potential of the brand in your store. We have no doubt that the brand will reach new heights for all parties in the future.”

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