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Aisha Baker launches new ‘Frozen in Time’ collection

Luxury jewellery brand, Aisha Baker, has launched its new jewellery collection, ‘Frozen in Time’.

The collection, which marks the brand’s second high jewellery launch, will be released in two parts throughout 2019 and 2020. 

The pieces conjure visions of a “frozen world”, with the distinctive emblem of an icy blue peon featuring sapphires, diamonds, quartz and white gold. 

Part one of the collection, The Peony Symphony, includes three pieces, featuring a bracelet, ring and earrings. 

The patterns featured on the jewellery is influenced by traditional Asian ceramic art. For hundreds of centuries, the humble peony has been imbued with great aspirations as a symbol of happiness, wealth and success. 

Comprised of five pieces, three of which launch on the Aisha Baker online shop today (16 December), the other two will launch in early 2020.

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