Covid-19: Stephen Webster supports Mind

Stephen Webster has announced he will donate 10% of all online sales to Mind charity during the coronavirus pandemic.  

The jeweller said that it is important to monitor mental health during the current pandemic, as “the world can begin to feel a very dark and lonely place”.

Mind is a charity that offers advice and support on how to monitor mental health and seek advice when needed. It provides online information, instant message communication and telephone helplines.

The pledge comes as the jeweller “understands the importance of staying on top of mental health and how pivotal it can be to seek advice and talk to someone when feeling low”. 

Webster said: “Alongside the obvious health risk of catching the virus, are underlying health issues. 

“Self-isolating feels strange to us all, as naturally social animals. However, to those with existing mental health issues, being in self-isolation is one of the most frightening circumstances to be in.” 

He added: “As a young person I suffered from mental health issues and I can confirm that the only thing that can bring one up from a very dark place is any form of interaction with people both in a professional and social context, even if everything in your body tells you that you don’t want to see anyone at all.

“Therefore, during these exceptional times of avoidance rather than embracement of our friends and family; we have chosen to donate 10% of all sales proceeds for the duration of this pandemic to the mental health charity, Mind.”

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