‘Business as usual’ for Curteis amid crisis

Curteis has announced it is “still talking, sending and making” amid the ongoing coronavirus crisis and nationwide lockdown.

The manufacturer said it has continued operating within government guidelines since the lockdown began, making changes to operating procedures ‘as required’. 

In its latest update, it assured customers that “the phone has been attended as normal”, and it is continuing to ship once a week or more depending on volume of orders.

It will continue to send out stocked items amid the ongoing crisis, and will be “constantly monitoring” the orders, looking at steps to reinstate production “very soon”.

Curteis is also welcoming customers to now place orders they were holding back due to a temporary pause in production at the beginning of the outbreak.

It encouraged orders to be placed online, over the phone or via email, and said it would allow the group to “make the necessary steps to ensure we work most efficiently”.

Curteis said: “We look forward to hearing of the Prime Minister’s full recovery, an improving national picture and working towards an end to the current lockdown.

“But in the meantime, we continue to assess all aspects of the business day by day and would like to assure our customers we are doing our utmost to keep the channels open for you.”

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