41% of Brits start to use independent shops during Covid-19 lockdown

Some 41% of Brits have revealed they have been shopping at their local stores since the Covid-19 lockdown was introduced.

According to a new study by comparison website, 36% of Brits surveyed plan to use their local stores more post lockdown.

The study revealed the primary reason why shoppers have decided to visit their local stores is due to crowds in supermarkets (54%) with a quarter (24%) being unable to book online delivery slots.

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Also, 46% of people surveyed also said they are more motivated to support their local businesses during these times of “financial hardship”.

The survey revealed that Wales has seen the largest increase in residents using independent shops during the lockdown.

Georgia-Rose Johnson, said: “The fact that local, independent shops appear to be experiencing a boom in both demand and support during the lockdown will play a vital role in keeping local economies alive.

“It is an opportunity for these local shops to remind the community of the value and convenience they bring, and it seems this is being reciprocated by the high numbers of shoppers who want to support local business.”

She added: “A lot of people intend to continue giving regular custom to local shops, but the acid test will be when life eventually goes back to normal. Will this trend for local shopping continue or will the majority revert to relying on supermarkets?”

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