ISparkle sees increased demand for investment diamonds

Diamond specialist iSparkle, a group that specialises in large, rare and coloured diamonds, has noted a “significantly increased” demand for investment diamonds during the ongoing crisis.

The increased demand has come from a range of high net worth clients and family wealth managers across Europe, as well as the US and Asia and Europe, with a greater interest in investment diamonds despite the global pandemic. 

The diamond specialist also noted that more people are now asking for advice on how they can efficiently invest in high-value, coloured diamonds for the long term.

The report comes as Forbes confirmed that the “super rich” are now “significantly” richer than they were when the pandemic first hit global markets on 23 March.

The 25 people on Forbes’ billionaire list are collectively $255bn (£208bn) richer than they were two months ago, according to the publication. 

The CEO of iSparkle, Ilan Kaplan, said: “Investment diamonds have proved themselves immune to huge shocks in the financial markets because of their extraordinarily inherent rarity. 

Diamonds have long been used by the super rich to safeguard against major downturns in macro-economic activity. While not all diamonds increase in value or retain their value over time, investment diamonds do exist for a wide variety of budgets.”

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