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NAJ set to cut jobs

The NAJ has confirmed it is facing a “number” of redundancies following a widespread restructuring programme across several trade associations.

The proposed plan was confirmed by the NAJ following the publication of a statement from the British Allied Trades Federation (BATF) interim CEO, which was sent to all federation and trade association staff.

According to the BATF, the federation must “inevitably” consider making a “number” of jobs redundant, as well as change or amalgamate a number of job roles across the NAJ in a bid to reduce costs.

It anticipates that redundancies will take place no earlier than August 2020.

The statement in question read: “The government has invested billions of pounds in the furlough scheme to help support companies and individuals through this unprecedented time and this has, in the short term, allowed many organisations to continue to maintain staffing at pre-Covid levels.

“However, the underlying financial pressure on the economy, our member companies and the Federation has not gone away and as support is phased out we envisage that 2021 and beyond will be a very challenging time.”

It added: “To meet that challenge and to continue to offer the very best support for our Trade Association members and other stakeholders, the board has concluded that the Federation must look at better and more efficient ways of offering our vital member and support services. 

“The need to reduce costs, utilise new technology and improve processes has never been more important. To this end we have embarked on a restructuring programme that will affect both the Federation centre and individual trade associations with a view to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of how our services are delivered, managed and measured.”

The company said at this stage it is “not clear exactly how many job roles will be at risk”, but will “endeavour to minimise this.”

It added that it will inform potentially affected employees about the proposals and consult with them “as soon as it is possible”.

Responding to the announcement, Gary Wroe, NAJ chairman, said: “Even before the Covid-19 pandemic struck the NAJ was struggling to balance its finances since the BJA/NAG merger. 

“Covid 19 has clearly exacerbated and compounded this situation. It has not only affected the NAJ but our other Member Trade Associations too. The Federation Board then, in conjunction with the NAJ and its other Trade Associations, will now all work closely together to enable a restructure to be carried out to ensure that we are fit for purpose.” 

He added: “Discussions regarding this restructure have been taking place for a short while and we are delighted to say that our management team have been feeding into this process and will continue to do so as it progresses.”

David Doyle, NAJ President, concluded: “This at first view could clearly be bad news for some individuals, and could potentially affect the livelihoods of some Federation and Association Staff. 

“All of us are deeply disappointed that these changes might have to happen in this way. However, those of us who are involved and understand the nuances of the relationship between Federation and its Trade Associations see the opportunity for a new Federation structure to be formed which will significantly enhance the capabilities of Federation, the Trade Associations, and the supply of Central services to all Members.”

He added: “It is even more important that if some have to be reluctantly made redundant following consultation, and be adversely affected in this way, that we ensure that at the very least we create a structure that is fit for purpose going forward and optimises delivery of the essential services that our members need.”

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