TJA-Connect launch virtual trade show for Christmas

The Jewellery App-Connect (TJA-Connect) has launched a virtual trade show to help retailers and traders in time for Christmas.

The TJA-Connect is adding the virtual trade show to their business-to-business directory ahead of the holiday to ‘‘to give the trade a helping hand, virtually in time for Christmas’’.

The online jewellery supplier argued that virtual interaction is ‘‘for sure the new networking ground for all businesses and will change how we do business”.

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Daren Daniels, TJA-Connect’s co-founder, said: ‘‘We’ve been talking about the need for the trade to become digitally enabled for a number of years now and how this can free up the industry in terms of sourcing suppliers and buying new products. 


‘‘TJA-Connects brings together the benefit of both virtual and physical business needs. It’s an online digital directory for jewellery buyers and retailers to connect to suppliers, new and old.’’

He added: ‘‘TJA-Connect launched in January to deliver a low-cost route to market for suppliers and putting research online, buy offline at the head of the vision to make sure it meets the need of the retail buyers – they still need to meet, touch, feel and negotiate one-to-one; the virtual trade show is an extension of the directory and puts buyers and suppliers in direct contact.

‘‘With the Covid-19 pandemic hitting all trades, TJA see the future B2B buying process needing a new approach, now and ultimately ask the questions, ‘are we all quick enough to respond correctly the first time?’’.

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