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CIBJO releases special report ahead of congress

This report is the fourth in a series of other CIBJO commissions (marketing and education, diamond, and coloured stone) that were published in the last four weeks.

In his report, commission president Michael Allchin, who is also assay master and chief executive of the Birmingham Assay Office, provides a detailed list of the issues that will be discussed at his commission’s meeting in Vicenza on 17 May.

“Subjects that will be touched upon include international conventions on hallmarking; chain of custody issues through the distribution pipeline; amendments to precious metals legislation in various countries; a high level of prices in the marketplace at present; regulations concerning the use of toxic metals in jewellery; and precious metals fineness in CIBJO member countries,” said Michael.

“We also, of course, will discuss the Precious Metals Commission’s work programme for 2012, and more specifically the mixed metals amendment to the Precious Metals Blue Book. The special report provides a summary and preparation for some of the subjects that will be discussed in depth in Vicenza.” he added.

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