Retailers urged to merchandise creatively for Father’s Day

With the nation spending over £771.4 million on Father’s Day in 2010, retailers from every sector are being encouraged to harness the power of marketing by merchandising gifts and cards in creative ways in order to maximise their Father’s Day sales.

Gifts for Father’s Day are so diverse that retailers should think about their display options. Different merchandising opportunities include stackable display units, tub dispensers as a counter-top alternative to the impulse bins, and dispensing trays.

Debra Jamieson, sales and marketing director at UK Point of Sale, said: “Retailers need to remember that Father’s Day is a fantastic opportunity to up-sell products and promote their gift ranges. People are often keen to spend money on holidays such as Father’s Day, but the variety of gifts varies so much that all retailers need to be thinking about how best to promote their products.”

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