Watchfinder reports strong start to 2012

With sales of over £3.3 million during Q1, the Maidstone-based retailer sees the figures as evidence of the increasing appeal of pre-owned watches amongst fine watch buyers.

“Taken in context, this has to be seen as strong growth, and it’s further evidence of the increasing appeal of pre-owned premium watches,” said Watchfinder’s managing director Stuart Hennell.

“The watches we sell are a fantastic combination of luxury and investment. Our clients invest their money in beautiful pre-owned watches knowing that in a couple of years they will almost certainly have appreciated in value. There aren’t many things you can say that about in the boom times, let alone the current economic environment.”

Director Matthew Bowling added: “We have some exciting initiatives planned for the next quarter and alongside the opening of a boutique store and international development, Watchfinder is in a great position to build on this growth throughout the rest of the year.”

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