Zoe Harding wins coveted Goldsmiths’ Company Award

Zoe said of the inspiration behind her piece that saw her land the Goldsmiths’ Company Award: “I’d recently been quite moved by a TV documentary series about polar bears and their seemingly losing battle against climate change affecting their everyday hunting habits and survival.

“It’s heart-breaking how hard life is above and below the waters in these habitats, and how global warming is contributing to their plight. I know that a lot of research is being done in these fields so I wanted to create a medal which could honour those who are trying to educate us and make a difference.”

Goldsmiths’ Company Award is “given at the discretion of the Council for exceptional and outstanding design in 2D and 3D entries. This award is only given when, in the Council’s judgement, an entry achieves the highest standard of design and originality”. In victory, Zoe’s Arctic-inspired design has become the first 2D piece to win the award.

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“I couldn’t be happier or more surprised,” Zoe added.

“Winning the Goldsmiths’ Company Award was the last thing I ever expected, especially as there were so many other incredible and worthy pieces.”

Zoe’s Goldsmiths’ Company Award-winning piece also landed the gold in the ‘look outside the circle’ category. Her third gold came in the Platinum Guild International Special Award, 2D design category for her flower bud motif.

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