Christie’s announces Karl Lagerfeld Chanel Jewels auction

Christie’s has announced an auction in the new year dedicated to Karl Langerfeld titled: ‘Susan and Karl: Important Chanel Fashion Jewelry from The Collection of Mrs. John H. Gutfreund’.

Over 100 Chanel jewels will be showcased at the auction, which will run from 14 to 29 January.

Claibourne Poindexter, specialist for Christie’s Jewels, said: “For collectors and enthusiasts of the house of Chanel, this online sale comprises perhaps the greatest single owner collection of Lagerfeld era Chanel jewelry to ever be presented at auction.

“What makes this collection truly unique, is that the majority of the jewels in Mrs. Gutfreund’s collection were created as prototypes and in some cases, are one of a kind examples completely fabricated by hand to be worn on the runway in Paris.”


She added: “These jewels provide a window into the world of haute couture in the 1980’s and 1990’s, representing a time where fashion could be over the top in the greatest way possible.

“You can get a great sense of Karl Lagerfeld’s sense of fun and Mrs. Gutfreund’s impeccable eye, whether it is a pair of earrings shaped like fine French silver plates or simulating antique wax seals. These pieces are impossibly brilliant and cheeky at the same time.”


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