Allied Gold buys majority stake in Argentium silver

London jewellery manufacturer Allied Gold has purchased the majority shareholding in Argentium, the company responsible for a new high-purity silver alloy that is highly resistant to tarnish and is hypoallergenic.

Argentium is brighter and whiter than traditional silver with no fire stain and a low maintenance surface that does not require rhodium plating. For comparison, sterling silver is 925 parts per 1000 pure silver, Britannia is 958.4, and Argentium measures 960 parts.

Allied Gold offers sheet, casting grain, wire and findings, a dedicated solder paste and its own collections of wedding bands.

To demonstrate the possibilities and high quality of Argentium, Allied Gold has collaborated with award-winning silversmith Jocelyn Burton, who made a full collection of items using the new material.

Burton said: “Silversmithing was a tremendously traditional thing and perhaps it was a little bit in the doldrums so it was tremendous when Argentium suddenly came along. It will do everything that sterling can do, and a bit more. My clients are delighted it’s so white and bright and of course, it won’t tarnish.”

IMAGE: Some of Jocelyn Burton’s work in Argentium.

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