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VIDEO: Jewellery which pierces body to ‘harvest energy’

A graduate of industrial design has created a concept for jewellery which harvests energy form the human body by piercing the skin.

Whilst the jewellery does not actually exist, Naomi Kizhner’s “speculative piece” has caused a stir on news websites and social media for striking images which show the jewellery piercing the skin and literally hanging from the flesh (but not like an earring).

On her website, Kizhner writes:

The work delves into a world in which there is a significant decline, which forces humanity to seek all the more forcefully for alternative ways of cultivating power. The suggested solution to the dilemma is based on the idea of biological wealth, harvesting energy directly from the body.

She claims the project is designed to respond to a “possible future of depleting resources”.  The concept uses “invasive gold and biopolymer devices that must be embedded into the surface of the skin, simple movements performed by the subconscious are fully utilized”.

Visit her website to learn more

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