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Fairtrade gold launches in Switzerland

Max Havelaar (Fairtrade) Switzerland launched jewellery made from Fairtrade gold in Switzerland yesterday. 

Approximately 70% of all gold refining takes place in Switzerland, so Fairtrade International has hailed the introduction of Fairtrade gold as a landmark move, which will deliver “significant social and environmental benefits back to miners.”

The first Fairtrade gold jewellery collections have been launched by brands Coop City & Christ Uhren & Schmuck, both parts of the Coop Group. The gold has been mined at the Fairtrade gold mine Sotrami in southern Peru.

Amy Ross, Fairtrade International project manager for gold and precious metals programme said: “The fact that Fairtrade gold is now available in one of the biggest jewellery markets in the world will be a huge boost to certified miners and their communities, who will enjoy the benefits of selling more of their gold on Fairtrade terms.

“At the same time, more consumers will have the option of choosing Fairtrade Gold for themselves and their loved ones. It really is the best gold story in the world.”

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