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Worthy launches new online jewellery auction feature

A new online marketplace specialising in pre-owned luxury goods, Worthy.com, has launched a new live auction feature that allows both sellers and buyers to watch auctions in real time.

While most people are familiar with the notion of buying and selling jewellery online, Worthy jewelry sales come with objective appraisals and certified descriptions. In a statement, the firm said: “This is an exciting feature, and one we welcome as buying and selling watches, jewellery, and diamonds online has become more popular for private parties as well as for professional jewellers.”

All items are vetted before the auction process starts, which Worthy says produces “a high level of trust on this platform; one that’s often missing from sites that sell jewelry online without help from experts. Buyers are posting positive reviews about their experience with Worthy, and many sellers are showing equal enthusiasm.”

The new auction feature is garnering positive reviews from both sides of the fence and Worthy says this is because sellers are not “left to their own devices” or forced to write their own descriptions. Instead, descriptions are written by the same professional jewelers who appraise the items placed up for auction, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

“Sellers come from all over, as do buyers, and although most sellers are private parties looking to get rid of used jewelry, the majority of Worthy’s buyers are professional jewellers looking for stock to resell as well as for precious metals and gemstones they can rework into their own designs.”

The selling platform is designed to remain unbiased, and the process has been simplified to present selection of high quality goods.

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