Theo Fennell to sponsor special award at Craftsmanship and Design Awards

Theo Fennell has announced the sponsorship of a new patron’s award at the annual Craftsmanship and Designs Awards

The Theo Fennell Award will be awarded to an apprentice and master team, and has been specifically designed to celebrate and reward the importance of the unique partnership between these two.

In a statement from Theo Fennell the award aims to promote “high quality apprentice work and equally recognise the significant contribution of their master.”

The award is looking to attract and identify high standards of hand craft skills across any apprentice discipline from work submitted in the completion.

The awards, which will take place on March 2, are run by the Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Council, the industry body which promotes the ‘highest standard in design and craftsmanship within the jewellery industry and allied crafts’.

Fennell said: “This country is still the best breeding-ground for the finest jewellers and silversmiths in the world and the place where the traditions of these skills are best nurtured.

“At the centre of this is the great and altruistic relationship between apprentice and ‘master’. This is often taken for granted and doesn’t get the recognition it deserves so we hope that our award will do a bit to address this. It is for the best apprentice and master team.”

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