Endless enters New Zealand market with 54 retailers

Composable charm bracelet brand Endless Jewelry has secured more than 50 retail partners in New Zealand, the 21st market the firm has entered since it launched almost two years ago.

Last week, Nielsen flew to New Zealand where he introduced the brand to jewellery retailers from the North and South islands, just three weeks after opening in Australia.

Founder and CEO, Jesper Nielsen, said: “I was asked to come and speak at jewellery group Nationwide’s annual conference at the Pullman Hotel in Auckland, and accepted immediately. A total of 98 independent stores from Australia and New Zealand were represented at the conference, and I met some very professional and dedicated people during my stay there.

“It has been a true pleasure to feel the positive energy of the retailers in Australia and New Zealand, and through our new area manager Helen Thompson-Carter we have already set up agreements with 54 retailers in New Zealand.

“This is very close to our target of 70 partners by the end of the year, and I believe this will be a very strong market for us down the line.”

In total, Endless Jewelry has made agreements with close to 200 retailers in Australasia in less than a month, and the firm says the growth is set to continue.

Neilsen added: “We talk to representatives in new markets on a daily basis and the hardest part has actually been to keep up with the demand. Right now, we’re up-scaling and increasing production facilities, also for store furniture and the wide range of in-store material for retailers.”

Endless Jewelry’s range of colorful leather wrap bracelet and unique charm designs will be available in New Zealand by late summer 2015.

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