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John Travolta signs for Breitling campaign

Global star and seasoned pilot and aviation aficionado, John Travolta, has signed with Swiss watch brand Breitling for their 2015 advertising campaign.

Breitling depicts him alongside another flying legend, the North American X-15 aircraft, loaned by the Air Force Flight Test Museum from its base at Edwards, California.

During the 1960s, this experimental rocket-plane made nearly 200 flights, pushing the limits of aeronautics and opening the door to space, notably by setting two historical records: one for altitude in 1963, at 107,960m, and the other for speed, at 7274 km/h (Mach 6.7).

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The photos for the new campaign were shot in California, on the runway of the famous Mojave Air and Space Port. Breitling said: “They are a vivid tribute to the conquest of the skies, a grand adventure with which Breitling is closely linked through its reliable, accurate and innovative instruments.”


Travolta has been variously involved in promotional material for Breitling for 10 years.

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