WB The Creative Jewellery Group gains RJC certification

WB The Creative Jewellery Group has announced that all three of its companies have been granted certification by the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC). 

The group, whose subsidiaries are Domino, Weston Beamor and Gecko, employs some 180 staff. It says it has “long been committed to ethical business practices” and was one of the first UK companies to sign up the the Kimberley Process.

The group was also one of the first British manufacturers to be granted permission to manufacture in Fairtrade gold and silver.

The group says the range of its activities, including producing precious jewellery and findings at Domino, silver and fashion jewellery at Gecko and casting and 3D printing services at Weston Beamor, meant that gaining RJC certification was “particularly complex” with many different areas of operation and sourcing requiring scrutiny.

Andrew Morton, group managing director, said: “Despite the not inconsiderable challenges it posed, the gaining of RJC certification was a natural progression for us as a group and we are both pleased and proud to have achieved this accolade across all three companies.

“We believe that this provides a tangible demonstration to our many retail customers, both here and abroad, of our total commitment to ensuring that all our products are sourced in the most ethical manner possible.”

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