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GVUK: Gemvision to launch CounterSketch International

Get Ready for a New Way to Create Bespoke Jewellery

Personalisation has become the norm and bespoke jewellery design is at the heart of this. In January Gemvision will launch CounterSketch International allowing you access to over a thousand fully adjustable parametric CAD files, then to download that file model for local manufacture without any additional cost.

With zero download fees this is not just disruptive manufacturing, the custom bespoke market will become wide open.

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For retail, on-line and business start-ups this design and marketing tool brings greater control to your manufacturing and cost control – “sell before you build”.

CounterSketch International – Coming January 2016

Contact: UK Distributor GVUK Design to register your interest

Email: info@gvukdesign.co.uk

Telephone: 0113 389 9710

About GVUK Design Limited:
Gemvision & EnvisionTEC’s UK distributor based in Leeds supplying information, sales, training and support for Gemvision’s Matrix and CounterSketch and EnvisionTEC’s professional grade 3D printers to the Jewellery industry.

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