Editor’s Picks: Vicenzaoro’s ‘The Design Room’

Jewellery Focus paid special attention to ‘The Design Room’ at Vicenzaoro over the weekend, capturing shots of some of the most exquisite one-off commissions and high-end designs.

The Design Room is in the prestigious Hall 7 of the ICON District (one of the many ‘districts’ of the show floors), and is an exclusive area where 12 select designers are showcasing their original and innovative creations.

Here are the ones that particularly caught our eye. Click to view full-screen, and scroll down for more information on each designer.

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Jewellery designed by Federica Rettore reflects a sophisticated and organic elegance and timelessness. The designer, originally from Milan, opened her own company after having worked for many years in the creative team of Gucci’s jewellery division. Rettore creates interesting juxtapositions of gold, sapphire, quartz, citrini and diamond. Her creations are simultaneously structured, delicate, traditional, and cutting edge and are sold in the most prestigious stores; from New York, Beverly Hills, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Aspen, Vail, as well as Giappone, Portorico and Hong Kong.

Every creation of Spanish jewellery company Magerit is conceived and developed under the eyes of skillful experts to maintain high quality in every aspect of the creative process. Their objective is to bring a sense of renewal to the world of jewellery attributed to original and inimitable pieces. Magerit collections are precious combinations of 18ct yellow and white gold complemented with carefully selected diamonds and pearls. Each piece is signed and engraved with its own series number, which assures its uniqueness and exclusivity.

Master of haute couture jewellery, British designer Rodney Rayner is a four-time winner of the prestigious COUTURE Award: the Oscar of the international jewellery industry. Rayner’s creations are wearable art and are considered the perfect combination of luxury and passion.

The celestial mechanisms of Parisian designer Elie Top are mysterious, yet magnificent – each piece balancing between imagination and ratio. After working as a jewellery designer for renowned fashion brands like Yves Saint Laurent and Lanvin, Elie Top opened his own jewellery couture house. His collection is that of lunar architecture comprising of gems and gold. Like a scientist, the French jewellery artist combines geometrical design with the delicacy and femininity of precious stones. The beauty of his jewels derives, as the designer says, from a “mathematical extravagance”.

The jewellery of Daniela Villegas evokes the essence of animals and fantastic creatures. The designer from Los Angeles, inspired by the beauty of nature and trips to exotic and distant lands, carves in gold butterfly wings, embeds shells between diamonds, and transforms her jewellery to take the shape of snakes and beetles. Every ring, bracelet, and pendant is infused with her personal story. Her creations are unexpected combinations of natural materials like shells of insects, beetles, porcupine quills, feathers of birds with gold and precious stones.

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