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Tiffany Faces Backlash Over ‘Political’ Trump Letter

Tiffany & Co faced a backlash from some of its customers after publishing a letter addressed to US president Donald Trump on its Facebook page.

The letter – laid out in the Tiffany brand colours – read: “Dear President Trump, We’re still in for bold climate action. Please keep the U.S. in the Paris Climate Agreement. The disaster of climate change is too real, and the threat to our planet and to our children is too great.”

The post sparked a mixture of reactions from the jewellery brand’s customers, with some praising it for speaking up and others asking them to “keep political opinions out of [their] retail choices”.

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One poster wrote: “Well this is certainly not going to make me want to buy me a Tiffany key or heart necklace… Good luck with being political.” Another said: “I don’t think I like my favourite jeweller stepping into the political arena.”

Nearly 800 comments have been made on the post so far.

Tiffany & Co appointed its first chief sustainability officer in 2015 and the firm regularly advocates a number of social and political issues including climate change.

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