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CBI boss calls for ‘Brexit task force’

Britain’s business leaders have the “solutions” to help Britain get a good deal from Brexit, a businessman has said.

Paul Drechsler, president of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), called on the next government to set up a Business Brexit Taskforce in their first 50 days to help ensure business gets the best deal when the UK leaves the EU.

He suggested that the government should not take sole responsibility but instead use the business sector to reach a deal that “supports jobs, growth and our country’s future prosperity”.

The CBI ‘manifesto’ proposes that the government should set out formal structures for business engagement on international trade, as well as supporting businesses of all sizes to improve performance, wages and competitiveness.

At the CBI annual dinner, Drechsler said: “In just over 500 hours Britain will be electing the next government. They will make decisions affecting not just us, but the next generation. The scale of the challenges they will face is staggering.

“Business and government may have different roles but we share the same, ultimate goal – a thriving economy which benefits everyone.

“So if the next government is serious about Britain’s prosperity, they should champion the value of what we do. And on so many issues – from driving local economies to untangling EU complexity – firms are ready with solutions.”

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