Green Rocks Created Diamonds becomes first lab grown grower

The Gemmological Institute of America’s laboratory grown diamond report discloses whether the diamond was created by HPHT or CVD

Green Rocks Created Diamonds has announced it is the first laboratory grown grower in the world, according to the Gemmological Institute of America’s (GIA) new laboratory grown diamond report.

GIA’s report reveals whether the diamond was created by HPHT or CVD, and is the first report which notes whether the diamond has been post-growth treated to enhance the colour of the diamond.

This marks a major shift for the industry and is one that Leon Peres, CEO of Green Rocks, believes will be quickly adopted.

Peres said: “We are 100% behind the GIA on this. The GIA is the leading diamond grading lab in the world with a reputation for transparency and high standards.

“Consumers deserve full disclosure so that they can have total confidence in the quality of every laboratory grown diamond they purchase.”

He added: “We are extremely proud to say that we are the first laboratory grown company in the world to bring our diamonds to market with a full GIA report.”

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